Brief 1 (Part 2) – Character Design (Review & Reflection)

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 10.54.15

In all this animation took me about 2 weeks to finally produce. A lot of things went wrong which was all down to my severe lack in knowledge of the program but it gave me several massive learning curves which should hopefully help me as I continue on the foundation course.

I realise now that I may have spent way too long on making the finished animation look polished but I was adamant at the start of the animation course that I was going to finish with some reasonably polished animations even though that’s not what gets me the grades. Nonetheless I had lots of fun producing this animation and I can’t wait to start my next one.

Referring back to my original ideas I think that I have successfully created a potential popular web series to be put onto Youtube. I received lots of positive feedback from it and it seems that if I have some time later in the year I should maybe invest some time into making more episodes for peoples entertainment.

The constructive feedback I got mainly focused on the sound. I know the sound isn’t nearly polished enough but it delivered the idea of the animation basically enough. If this was to become a web series I would have to record my own catchy jingle for the start with a piece I created myself. This would also ensure that the music fits perfectly in with the length of the title scenes and the ending. The feedback I got was that the song at the intro stopped to suddenly and the music after that needs a bit of fading in. In addition, the dramatic music was maybe a bit much and the pace of his walk was possibly too slow. This is all stuff which I would have revised better if I was to redo the project again. I had a rough idea beforehand on how important the sounds where for an animation but I now know how unbelievably crucial it can be between a useless animation and a professional looking one.

Although the program Adobe Flash C6 was a massive pain in the arse at the start and during most of the entire manufacturing process I think it delivered a polished looking animation. I now have a much much better understanding of the program which means that in my next animations I will hopefully spend less time making the final product. On top of this Flash will clearly be useless if I started animating more than one character. The use of framing and layers will become impossibly complicated on such a basic program. However, it is successful at producing some reasonably polished looking animations perfect for a few quick foundation year briefs.

I definitely hope to use Flash again in a new brief in the future. Unless I find a similar much better alternative for free, which I doubt.

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