Diagnostic Week – Mythical Creatures (Process & Practice)

I converted this youtube clip to an mp4 format. Then I imported it to Premiere Pro and changed the blending mode to overlay. This removed the background and left just the black scratches over the top of my film. I did this for several other images and mp4 files I imported, as shown below.

screenshot 2


I downloaded this image in a jpeg format and imported it into Premiere Pro so I could use it for a slide card for text; just like an old 35mm film, as shown below.

screenshot 5

screenshot 4

I used pixlr and photoshop to remove backgrounds on all my images and replace them with green backgrounds. This meant that I could use colour keying to remove the green background inside Premiere, as shown above.

screenshot 1

I used the ProcAmp video effect to make my images black and white, by reducing the saturation of the colours. After reflection I’ve realised that I could of used photoshop which would have been quicker but oh well. I felt it was easier to just do everything inside Premiere Pro.

screenshot 6

In these two images you can see how I used motion tweens and keyframes to perform some basic animation on my characters. This was just so the story telling would be a little more visually interesting for my audience. I had never used Premiere Pro before so it took me a while to learn how to use the motion effects but Youtube tutorials were very helpful.

screenshot 7

As you can see I created multiple layers of video and sound to achieve what I was looking for. I spent a long time tweaking the sound so it was in sync with the video which I felt was very important.

1 thought on “Diagnostic Week – Mythical Creatures (Process & Practice)

  1. Interesting process and even better to see it documented … I might even apply your method… thank you and well done … more please…

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