Brief 1 (Part 2) – Character Design (Reference & Research)

After doing the first part to brief 2, I now have a basic idea of how animation works and what I will need to do to achieve a smooth finished product.

I’d previously watched videos on Youtube of ‘Simon’s cat’ and it was immediately brought to mind when I read the brief.

I wanted to create a character similar to this; a character which was easily to love and acted mischievously. I was also particularly fascinated in the idea of designing a character and presenting it as a web series, just like simon’s cat. I’d previously followed and watched many Youtube channels which produce short, animated videos of this nature and I knew there were key ingredients to look out for to produce a popular animated web series. The most popular channels all had a unique, familiar style of animation throughout all their videos. Most of them were short, lasting no more than 4 minutes, and ended with one final joke or gag which leaves the audience laughing long after the video had finished.

The character I design has to be loveable and perform random or outrageous acts to really make the animation interesting. It also needs to be short, comical and easy to understand and follow.

I knew a cartoon tortoise had been done a million times before but I wanted to design a character which didn’t have multiple limbs and joints. It had to be a simple creature without any fur because hair is extremely difficult to animate properly. Henceforth I chose to design a Tortoise. His name was easy to pick because my friend has a tortoise named Gary and I couldn’t think of anything better.

The animation could be for all ages but most young children wouldn’t understand what a hangover is but it’s not important; they could still enjoy the funny movements and the fall at the end.

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