Brief 2 – Soundscape (Review & Reflection)

here is a day screen shot

I found this brief extremely difficult to think of ideas of at the start. It was hard for me to work with sound first before visuals. Eventually though I did arrive at an idea which I thought I would enjoy and which was manageable in the space of time that we where given.

In contrast compared to all my previous work I decided to do a project that was more serious than my previous ideas. I wanted to evoke emotion more than anything and I think I arrived at a reasonable enough final product which does evoke a certain emotion.

When I first started editing the three videos of Benedict Cumberbatch narrating a bizzare story I wasn’t 100% sure on what my final edit would entail. I knew I wanted to add a simple enough narrative with plenty of meaning but with the vast number of words I was working with I could possibly arrive at nothing and it just sound like a bunch of random words.

Once I had homed into a much more reduced selection of words I then proceeded to rearrange them in multiple different ways to see where the potential was. I decided to start with some of my favourite arrangements of words and then see where the story would take me from there. The editing took me a substantially longer time than I was planning on and I’m still not 100% happy with the final product. I’m happy with the sound (although it could possibly be shorter) but I’m not happy with the visuals. Even though I spent way longer on editing and finding the right visuals I’m still not sure of them.

I thought about shooting my own clips but they didn’t seem to fit in at all. In the end I decided it would be better to work with carefully selected stock footage videos I could find on the internet which would compliment the footage (maybe even add something) without drawing too much attention away from the sound. I thought that a lot of black video and plenty of soft fade in transitions would hopefully deliver on that. I also thought a soft home made vignette would compliment most of the footage I had.

Working with sound first was extremely challenging and I feel like I learnt things from it but I don’t think I’ll be trying it again. For me starting with an idea and animating it should come first (as it does when any animation is being made) and then the sound should subtly complement it. Working in reverse was very difficult.

What I have also learnt is a few things about myself. I feel closer to my funny animations then I do to this project. Even though I probably spent longer on this than most of my other animations. What this highlights for me is what my niche might potentially be. I think I should probably stick to making comical animations because I enjoy the final product a lot more. I also definitely struggled finding the right visuals and I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated way more times than I ever did making Gary the Tortoise (way way more times).

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