Brief 3 – the Obstract (Process & Practise)

manny 6

I started by drawing all of Manny’s components, including the ukulele, and saving them as symbols to prepare for the animating stage later. I then assigned each part to a unique layer and added a motion tween to each symbol. I drew two different coloured heads to decide which looked best, and went with the brown one because it complimented his face and the ukulele better than the white head.  I used multiple layers on his symbol to create a unique and slightly more realistic texture for his component. For the wooden ukulele I turned the opacity down and drew lots of linear lines over the top of the ukulele to look like wood grains.

manny 7

To get Manny’s hands to come around his body from the back I had to make two seperate layers for each hand; one layer underneath all the other components and the other on top. Then I just matched the hand position on each layer when they switch so the transition is seamless. I also had to do this for the ukulele as well later on.

manny 8 In this view you can see all the brush strokes I made on Manny, his ukulele and the background. This is so you can get a sense of how I draw on the computer and in my notebooks.manny 5


The scene when he bobs up and down and strums at the same time was the hardest to animate. I knew that it would be crucially important for Manny to be strumming in time with the music so I found the sound clip and studied the time signature and the strumming pattern to get it as precise as possible.

As you can see underneath in the screen shot I used a repeating pattern to ensure full sync to the sound clip. Copy and pasting the motion tweens made the animation process a lot simpler as well. 




manny 4 manny 3


After I had the animation to the right standard and I was happy with how it linked to my story boards; I decided to export the entire file as a HD JPEG sequence, just like Gary the Tortoise. This is because Premiere Pro is a fantastic tool for mixing sound and visuals together. It was also particularly useful for adding a better background, which I downloaded from the internet after much searching and Photoshop’d a mushroom in behind Manny so the audience has some visual reference as to which type of mushroom Manny is. 
















manny 2

I downloaded key sound clips like the hum of a fridge to create a good ambiance for the film. The crying and the woman’s voice at the end I had to record myself after looking on the internet for them and finding nothing. I recorded my sister and my mum multiple times and then imported the sounds into Premiere where I chose the best one and edited the timing of the voice so the audience can hear everything properly. Also timing is key with humor.

I also added track matte keying to all the JPEGs and then added a sixteen point garbage matte to a black video in ‘Video track 2’ which allowed me to create my own vignette which I knew would be successful after using it in my Griffin animation.


manny 1


After I was happy with all of the timings and sound I rendered it in full quality to achieve a professional polish.

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