Brief 3 – the Obstract (Review and Reflection)


I didn’t decide to present Manny the Mushroom as a potential on going web series like Gary the Tortoise because I didn’t feel like the character could go much further. As I presented this animation as a one off feature it emphasises the end of Manny. I wanted to make sure the audience knew that Manny’s life was very short lived and I don’t plan on bringing him back any time soon. This sense of expendability should hopefully highten the abrupt ending at the end, which in turn hopefully adds more humour. The audience can watch the animation again as a celebration of Manny’s short life and maybe feel more attachment to him because of it.

As I had already used Adobe Flash and Premiere with my previous animations, creating this final short film didn’t take half as long as I expected it to. This proved to myself how I’ve developed my skills since the start of the part 2 of the foundation course. This also hopefully means that I should definitely start looking into how I can now push myself even further in the third part of the foundation year. In order to gain my full potential out of this foundation year I need to push myself even further. Maybe I should animating more characters at the same time; I thought about doing this for Manny the Mushroom but I just wanted to make sure that I had developed a good understanding of the programs before I jumped to far ahead of myself. This would hopefully open up opportunities to make a longer animation with more complicated back stories and personalities. Seeing how a character interacts with other subjects can often be a good way to inform the audience of the chosen characters personalities and traits.

I could also maybe look into other possible programs for me to use. Flash has been great for aiding me in animating a basic representation of the characters I had designed but I’m sure there are many other similar programs out there which could offer me a multitude of new animating possibilities. If not then I’ll keep using flash and see how far I can push the potential of the program.

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