FMP Brief & Proposal

Project Proposal & Realisation – Dan de Carvalho

For my final major project I hope to continue developing my skills and knowledge of animation in preparation for my university degree. This will insure my best possible outcome not only at university but also in this foundation year.

I hope to produce a short 2 minute animation that comprises solely on my own creations and work. This will force me to explore my imagination and ideas fully and help give me glimpses of which path I will take in the future. If I begin to struggle for ideas I will search for other artists and their works for inspiration but not in the interest of plagiarism but for a means to discover what sort of work I like. This will help me discover and develop my own style and give my work foundation which will be important when I come to reflecting over the final product.

I aim to keep my work structured starting with this brief and then working my way through ideas by converging and diverging them until I arrive at one piece of animation which entails my favourite ideas.

fmp structure

I will keep referring my development process back to this diagram. This will encourage me to produce and explore as many ideas as possible within a limit. It also gives me something to work for and an important work structure which is important for time management as well.

I hope to create a character that has lots of potential for other episodes and maybe even a full length feature. I want the character to have lots of personality and likeability so that my audience will full in love with it and want more. I aim to create a world that represents a theme similar to the character and which the character appears suited.

My animation will have a beginning, middle and end. The character will not speak to strengthen my ability to convey emotion without dialogue by using techniques that I explore during the development stages; it will avoid the risk of me ruining the animation due to poor voice acting, lip syncing or recording quality. Plus it will make the animating easier as well.

I want the scenery to be aesthetically beautiful and atmospheric; it will be digitally painted by me as well, unless I decide to animate over real footage that I shoot myself.

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